G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary Book

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We are celebrating the history of G-SHOCK, a truly unique watch whose pioneering innovation, function and versatile design have made it a cult collectible worn by dedicated fans around the world, as well as cultural icons from the worlds of fashion, sport, music and popular culture over the last forty years.

Created at a time when watches were generally considered fragile instruments, the G-SHOCK was born from the dream of a young engineer, Kikuo Ibe, who wanted to create "a watch that wouldn't break, even if dropped". In 1981, the Project Team Tough development team was formed, and two years and 200 prototypes later, the indestructible, shock-resistant G-SHOCK watch was created.

This revealing volume takes readers through the journey, spirit and evolution of this distinctive timepiece, whose form and function combined with constant innovation over the past four decades have established it as a symbol of strength and resilience. Used by all types of audiences, from professional athletes and military personnel to skateboarders, surfers, musicians and artists, this elegant multipurpose watch has entered the spheres of sport, design, music and popular culture. Chapters include a history of technological innovation, behind-the-scenes footage from the brand's headquarters in Japan, interviews with some of the brand's most ardent collectors, announcements and collaborations with sports figures, fashion designers, musicians and artists, including professional surfer Kanoa Igarashi, musician Kid Cudi, designers Takashi Murakami and Nigo, and fashion brands such as BAPE, Kith, Stüssy, Maison Margiela and Supreme.

Embodying the spirit of "absolute toughness", G-SHOCK's visceral connection to its collaborators and collectors makes this book an essential for watch connoisseurs and design enthusiasts.

About the author

Ariel Adams has been wearing Casio watches since the mid-1980s. In 2007, he founded the largest online watch magazine, aBlogtoWatch.com, which is a leading publication dedicated to watch enthusiasts of all types. Ariel Adams is also an internationally recognized expert on wristwatches and the modern industry that creates them.

Photography by Atom Moore.