mercadora172 is pleased to represent several authors, national manufacturers, having in common the fact that they are part of the best in their specialty, are:

MATER Jewelery Tales

MATER jewelery tales as a mark that appeals to the intent to tell stories that are stored in our memory. The brand was born in 2015, in Porto, and the origin of the development of the collections lies in the historical, cultural and human legacy.

MATER is defined by its own and exclusive design that promotes individualization, personalization and the exclusivity. MATER's work is based on geometrized interpretations that go through various simplifications. The production of each piece combines the technological approach, a duality between computer design and craftsmanship.

< strong> ANA PINA | Contemporary Jewelery

Unique pieces or limited collections articulate elements of a common vocabulary, in a game of contrasts and textures, geometric relations and asymmetries, as if of letters that compose it. words inserted into a larger text were:

JOANA SANTOS | Designer Jewelery

Its design is minimal and geometric and is inspired by architectural forms, but also by the movements of nature and art, contrasting the rationality of the line with the delicacy. from technique to unpredictability of detail.
From concept to design and from process to matter, the jewels that grow in Joan's hands are rigorous. In silver, small collections or limited editions, they combine manual, thorough and careful work with conceptual research and technical experimentation. All pieces are exclusive and original, designed and made by the creator in her studio in Porto.

JORGE SILVA | Filigree jewelry since sec. XIX

Jorge Silva Lda. Is a company with deep roots in the experience of several generations of goldsmiths in the creation of filigree jewelry, continuing the family tradition organized in the nineteenth century. We bring collections of other creators / designers to life and have the expertise to repair parts, giving them all their grace. Although silver is the raw material that most goes through our hands, we also work with gold.


Dalila Gomes' jewels are exclusive designer pieces, unique or available only in small editions, most of them made entirely by hand in her studio where everything is defined and drawn to detail, everything has to be logical and clear, governed by the right proportions. In pursuit of perfection, formal rigor and quality of finishings are valued by taking advantage of metal characteristics to achieve the desired visual effect.


The ZERUS Jewelery brand was at the Portuguese Goldsmith pioneering the gold release with the touch of 9 Kilates. Innovative and bold in approaching the domestic market, its implementation and acceptance was quickly embraced by the sector resulting in a geographic coverage from North to South of the country. Always attentive to the needs and preferences of consumers, ZERUS Jewelery seeks to respond to their requests by successively launching new products to the market. ZERUS Jewelery is today a reference product and is always at the forefront of the Jewelery sector.